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  1. Major auto manufacturer offers longer hours, incentives to fix airbags


    TAMPA — With nearly 200,000 people around Tampa Bay still driving around with defective airbags that could kill them, a major automaker is trying to dramatically cut that number down this week.

  2. The Daily Drivers: A look back at some 2017 SUV models


    Across the auto industry, the popularity of trucks and SUVs continue to soar. We've had an opportunity to drive several 2017 SUVs — many of them premium models — and came away mostly impressed by the state-of-the-art when it comes to Sport Utility Vehicles. Here are our impressions:

    2017 Honda …

     [LYRA SOLOCHEK  |  Times]
  3. GM unveils its driverless cars, aiming to lead the pack


    SAN FRANCISCO — For more than a year, General Motors has tantalized investors with plans to build its future around self-driving cars.

    A Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicle, being operated with self-driving technology, makes its way around San Francisco. On Thursday, GM will demonstrate its growing fleet of computer-operated, battery-powered Chevrolet Bolts in San Francisco to dozens of investment analysts.
[New York TImes]
  4. 057 Ford Fairlane 500 convertible, Walter Bradway, 75, Inverness


    In 1963, I was stationed in Germany. I spent off-duty hours in the base hobby shop. There I noticed the car in the storage lot, and for a few months it was looking neglected. It had been shipped to Germany from the United States during winter without proper preparation. The engine had frozen and cracked. I located the …

     ?€š€™57 Ford Fairlane 500 convertible, Walter Bradway, 75, Inverness
  5. Indian automaker plant is latest sign of Detroit comeback


    It has been years since Detroit, birthplace of the American auto industry, was a steady producer of the manufacturing jobs that defined it as the Motor City. But its comeback is entering a new phase.

    Starting next year, Mahindra Group of India will make vehicles at Detroit’s first new vehicle assembly plant in 25 years.