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Bizarre News

  1. This radio segments asks listeners to guess the race of criminals

    Bizarre News

    ST. PETERSBURG — On the night of Oct. 25, a St. Petersburg woman reportedly propositioned an undercover officer.

  2. WWE's Rich Swann arrested in Gainesville, faces battery charge against wife, who's also a wrestler

    Bizarre News

    GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Wrestler Rich Swann is being held without bail in a Florida jail after he was arrested and charged with battery and false imprisonment.

  3. A mysterious boom baffles Tampa Bay, with a possible supersonic source

    Bizarre News

    Whatever it was, the boom shook walls and swayed chandeliers.

  4. Portrait of Hillary Clinton set off security dogs, briefly shutting down Art Miami tent

    Bizarre News

    When two security dogs reacted to a suspicious crate before an Art Miami tent opening early Saturday morning, Miami police officers briefly shut down the area for a few hours to investigate the possible threat.

  5. Opossum breaks into Florida liquor store and gets drunk as a skunk

    Bizarre News

    FORT WALTON BEACH, Fla. — An opossum that apparently drank bourbon after breaking into a Florida liquor store sobered up at a wildlife rescue center and was released unharmed.

    File photo of an opossum [Tampa Bay Times]
  6. A Florida man collapsed with a 'Do Not Resuscitate' tattoo. Doctors didn't know what to do


    Doctors in Miami faced an unusual ethical dilemma when an unconscious, deteriorating patient was brought into the emergency room with the words "Do Not Resuscitate" across his chest.

    An unconscious patient's chest tattoo reads "Do Not Resuscitate" and is accompanied by a signature, which has been blurred out. [New England Journal of Medicine | via Washington Post]
  7. Police in Sudbury, Mass., spotted this driver with a giant Christmas tree oon Nov. 24, 2017, prompting a warning on the department's Facebook page. [Facebook]
  8. A woman tweeted 'show me pictures of weird stuff in your parents house.' The replies were amazing.

    Bizarre News

    A brave woman logged onto Twitter Thursday afternoon with a simple request.

    A woman asked Twitter users to tweet her weird stuff from their parents' houses. User @ZacBruin tweeted back a picture of Baby Foot Santa. (Twitter)
  9. Police: Florida man crashed car to prove intersection was dangerous

    Bizarre News

    CLERMONT — Authorities say a man angered over people driving dangerously through a busy intersection appeared to intentionally cause a crash there to highlight the problem.

  10. Baron Cohen to pay fine for Czechs sporting Borat mankinis

    Bizarre News

    PRAGUE — Comic actor Sacha Baron Cohen has offered to pay the fines for six Czech tourists who were reportedly detained by authorities in Kazakhstan's capital Astana for dressing up as his character Borat.

    In this image made available by,  on Wednesday Nov. 15, 2017, shows a group of Czech tourists dressed in swimsuits similar to the character made famous by TV and film character Borat in Astana, Kazakhstan, Friday Nov. 10, 2017, before being detained by authorities, sporting lime green "mankinis" and black wigs.  Sacha Baron Cohen has offered Tuesday Nov. 21, 2017, to pay the 22,500 tenge ($68) fines for six Czech tourists who were reportedly detained by authorities in Kazakhstan's capital Astana for dressing up in skimpy swimsuits made famous by his "Borat" character. [, via AP]